The James J. Davis Memorial Scholarship: 2006 Finalists

Congratulations to Javid Riahi, our 2006 Scholarship Winner!

Kymanox is extremely pleased to announce the recipient of its 2006 James J. Davis Memorial Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad: Javid Riahi. Javid is a Biology/Environmental Studies major at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO and will be spending a year in Madrid, Spain. A heartfelt thanks goes to every one of our finalists and applicants. We are looking forward to awarding more funds to more students next year. Email contact:

Kymanox extends a sincere thank you to every student who applied and wishes you all the very best for your upcoming adventure! All of the applications were thoroughly reviewed and the decision on finalists was a tough one. We have chosen 30 finalists, representing less than 10% of the 326 applications received. The following 30 students make an impressive and diverse group which honors the memory of Jim Davis.

Essay Quotes from Some of Our 2006 Applicants

Amber Denman

"I hope to be presented with a challenging school structure, questionable cuisine, impossible dialect, and diverse daily life."

Amy Newey

"I want something that truly impacts both the way that I see others and the world."

Bebeka Giorski

"This experience will unlock the gates of opportunity helping me to become a more persuasive scientist, as well as an adept philanthropic future doctor."

Brocha Buckwold

"Most importantly, I want to apply what I see, hear, and learn to myself, to better myself into creating a me that is truly the best that I can be."

Cameron Monie

"My teachers have been excellent from the very beginning of German, but there is an unavoidable wall between textbook learning and the language spoken by 'real' people."

Candace Pautz

"By studying in a Spanish speaking country I hope to improve my Spanish to the point where I can be of positive assistance to those that are unable to communicate their needs or wishes due to the language barrier."

Amber Denman

"I hope to be presented with a challenging school structure, questionable cuisine, impossible dialect, and diverse daily life."

Catherine Golenko

"There are many journeys to self-discovery and by creating a new home for myself an ocean away from my old one, I realize that this process will expose hidden traits and unknown weaknesses."

Chad Bush

"I have always believed that the proverbial act of "making a mountain out of a mole hill" is in fact a result of the narrowness of a person's world-view."

Emily Riddell

"I hope to show my European classmates and teachers the wonderful spirit that is true of most American. We respect hard work and talent and have a 'joie de vive'."

Francinia McKeithan

"I was told of the plethora of benefits of attending a study abroad program during one's time as an undergrad, but I wanted to make sure I was doing more than the 'expected'; I wanted this to be something that I was compelled to do, something that would remain fresh in my mind years after my study was over."

Grace Kim

"While I study the medicinal aspects of health and disease, I will surely remember that the triumphs of scientific academia will never replace the inherent human need for empathy and compassion."

Javid Riahi

"Knowledge of our world is knowledge we cannot afford to pass by, whether it be an understanding of a foreigner's beliefs and attitudes, or an insight into their culture and traditions."

Jordan Page

"As international tensions have again moved to the forefront of American concern, the importance of understanding the sentiments of foreign populations seems obvious to me."

Justin Baker

"Study abroad is about shifting the way you think about things, accepting new things, and making connections that will last."

Kalie Pettit

"True knowledge comes not from reading facts in a book, or copying words a professor has written on a blackboard; rather, knowledge in its greatest form comes from the experiences that life offers us."

Kelly Ludwig

"If I can come back with a sense of accomplishment, the feeling that I achieved some goals, made some friends, and hopefully changed some minds, I think I'll be satisfied."

Matthew May

"I see now that the classroom setting fails to instill in someone the necessary language skills; after all, language is an integral part of the culture that propagates it, and is fluid in both evolution and practice."

Matthew Ziegler

"The opportunity to study abroad excites my curiosity for knowledge and my desire for service and community."

Meghan Jennings

"Here I was wondering when the next bus to the mall was and others were asking faculty members for donations to send a fellow classmate home to South Africa so that he could go to his sister's funeral after she died from AIDS."

Michelle Tran

"After seeing this first hand, I pray that it haunt my dreams and propel me to take actions on their behalf once I return to the States."

Mitchell Tedesco

"No matter what anyone thinks about globalization, somehow I think maybe it will force us all to see the need to either get along better or be miserable."

Padraic Casserly

"What I hope to gain by studying abroad is simple: experience -- the very thing that James J Davis embraced."

Puneet Ganbhir

"There is no choice but to rely on yourself. And in doing so, you come face to face with every weakness in your character that needs strengthening."

Rachel Cassell

"The plethora of experiences the world has to offer should not be passed over while our fresh, eager minds are still sharp and our adventuresome spirits are still open."

Richelle Thomas

"I think spending an extended amount of time and being immersed in another country will provide me the opportunity to have higher regard for the movements other countries are making."

Sue Hwang

"I am wholly lured by the prospect of education beyond books."

Susie Green

"I simply want to pass on to others what has been given to me -- encouragement and opportunity."

Zachary Swank

"I quickly realized that by spending my life as a stewart of the earth, not only would I be doing something positive, but I would also become more happy and content than any sum of money could ever afford me."

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Mariam Beard

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