Congratulations to AMY FINCH, our 2007 Scholarship Winner!

Our 2007/2008 winner is Amy Finch, a student at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA studying Public Health and Spanish. She is currently studying abroad in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil where she is doing HIV research and studying Portuguese. In the future, Amy hopes to assist AIDS patients in Africa and conduct more HIV research. Brazil has strong cultural ties to Africa and her time there will be a stepping stone to achieving her ultimate goal.

Kymanox extends a sincere thank you to every student who applied. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming time abroad! All of the applications were thoroughly reviewed and the decision on finalists was a tough one. We narrowed down the list of finalists to 15 representing a mere fraction of the total number of applicants. The following students make an impressive and diverse group which honors the memory of Jim Davis.

Essay Quotes from Some of Our 2007 Applicants

Amy Finch

"In and outside of my formal studies, I have surveyed a number of critical issues in our nation and our world and in the process many of my mental constructs including my understanding of poverty, race, health, and gender have been challenged and refined."

Brynn Lydum

"Discussing healthcare with patients in their native language without the barrier of a translator could greatly improve their understanding of and personal involvement in their own healthcare…By pursuing a Spanish minor enhanced by study abroad in Spain, I hope to be prepared to be a successful and culturally aware doctor."

Elizabeth Pugh

"All of our courses are in German, from Philosophy to Economics. This should be scaring me, but I am beyond excited."

John Laskoski

"I have received excellent marks in the multiple Spanish classes I have taken, however, I have had to concede that grammar, punctuation and spelling, though important, are limiting when it comes to communicating with sick children. I need to be able to communicate not only in the written form, but immensely more important to me, in the oral form."

Kristin Lee

"Since a firsthand experience is the best method to learn, that is the method I have chosen."

Linda Older

"By seeing what is typical and not typical in other cultures, I hope to gain a better appreciation for my life and the lives of others. In the end, hopefully, I will be able to put aside my Americanized idea of what is needed and focus on what is truly essential in life."

Matthew Slavnik

"I believe that an educational experience should not just be about stepping into a classroom and reading books. It should also include studying in other countries and learning firsthand about their histories, tradition, and languages."

Melissa Anderson

"The world offers a plethora of knowledge and experience, and my main goal is to be part of that offering and offer my own knowledge and experience right back."

Neave Denny

"I hope to share what I have learned not just of the Japanese culture, but also of how to relate to people of other cultures as a guest in their country and how to avoid the "ugly American" stereotype. I hope to cultivate an interest in others who might be uncertain of the benefits of studying abroad and serve as a mentor on my campus in the newly founded group of students who have studied in other countries."

Paul Mueller

""I will seek out Japanese students in many academic disciplines in order to challenge my preconceived ideas, further develop my international communication ability, and understand the culture of the country I hope to work closely with in the future."

Spencer Kealamakia

"We need to be humble, patient and empathetic, proud, giving and the best representatives of the niches in the world that we are products of. We must learn to be both teacher and student. We need to be both givers of our gifts and the recipients of others. It is in that exchange that we begin to gain knowledge of things and it is the knowledge of each other that, in turn, can bring understanding and unity."

Stephanie Stevens

"By being an open minded student, hungry to learn and overjoyed to share, I hope that I may better international relations in even little ways."

Tess Mattraw

"It is not a matter of one place being better than another, of a foreign country having more to offer than my own. It is the chance to understand more of the world, to be able to view our planet not simply as this big thing that houses my hometown and nothing more, but as a home for every facet of human possibility, every beautiful culture and way of thinking that has had the opportunity to grace mankind with its uniqueness."

Victoria Chang

"By being in a country where I am a foreigner, my perspectives will broaden and I will have a firsthand view of what my own parents and relatives went through when they first moved to the United States from China."

William Flannagin

"I want to help and by helping, learning the language, and caring about the culture, I will be asserting myself as an American in a meaningful, positive way."

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Mariam Beard

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