Congratulations to Amanda Lee of Rochester, Minnesota, our 2009 Scholarship Winner!

Kymanox extends a sincere thank you to every student who applied. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming time abroad! All of the applications were thoroughly reviewed and the list of finalists was narrowed to eight. The following students make an impressive and diverse group which honors the memory of Jim Davis.

Essay Quotes from Our 2009 Finalists<

Lukas Bonick
Salinas, CA

"[M]y pursuit will not be focused solely on new words, and I will have to actively pose questions to my research advisor about the presentation of scientific topics, for it is not just the realization and understanding of the material that is important . . . but how to portray these ideas."

Grecia Campos
La Jolla, CA

"I think that if everybody had the privilege of experiencing life in another country, our society would be more tolerant and accepting of other people and their views."

Elizabeth Corbin
Bozeman, MT

"The experience, cultural diversity, and knowledge of unique animals and plants, as well as the broadening of perspectives in teaching and interaction will make me a more effective, engaging and dynamic teacher. Not only will I be broadened as a teacher, my children will be greatly enriched by this experience."

Hannah Farhan
Roswell, GA

"I would like to go abroad, to study, to learn from professors with credentials that humble me to even think about, to take courses I could not have fathomed in my wildest day-dreams, to live in a way that is beyond the scope of what my beloved Georgia Tech has to offer."

Bethany Freeburg
Enumclaw, WA

"I am convinced one cannot know the rhythm of a language, the personality of a country, or the feel of a region until you have not only visited, but lived there."

Amanda Lee
Rochester, MN

"Hearing their stories firsthand, connecting with them, sharing my experiences, learning their culture and language are all things that can only be experienced by immersing myself into their culture."

Cora Rose Lewicki
Westby, WI

"I feel all of these experiences will help me grow into the person I hope to be, as well as leave me with knowledge that will help me help the world become a better place."

Jared Russell
Potomac, MD

"Currently there is a new urban fabric for the country which poses a new urban texture that is starting to change the face of the globe."

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Mariam Beard

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