Kymanox was founded in 2004 in the City of Highland Park, Illinois, USA.

We differentiate ourselves by offering a broad range of technical services and products with turnkey project delivery. We serve clients globally in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, nanotechnology, and sustainability. Our team includes more than 50 full-time and contract employees, many of whom are recognized as subject matter experts in their respective fields.

Kymanox is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is categorized by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as woman-owned and disadvantaged. The company headquarters are located in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Durham, North Carolina.


The company name, Kymanox (pronounced ki'-mah-noks'), is derived from the words kyma and gnosi. In Greek, kyma means "wave" and gnosi means "knowledge." Waves, visible and invisible, are ubiquitous in our environment at both large and small scales; they transport energy and matter with unmatched efficiency. Therefore, waves symbolically represent ideal transfer. The name Kymanox means "ideal knowledge transfer." The company logo is an artistic rendering of a wave within a humanesque sphere.

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Knowledge transfer is akin to teaching and learning with a predetermined end-goal in mind. When know-how, expertise or technology moves from one place or person to another, knowledge transfer is taking place. By addressing this process in a formal and structured way, end-goal success can be predicted and measured.

Ideal knowledge transfer™ is a continuously improving concept that builds on the following existing principles and disciplines:

  • Professional Project Management
  • Fundamental Engineering Practices
  • Universally Recognized Quality Systems
  • Formal Problem Solving Methods

IKT™ takes into account non-negligible parameters at all scales - from molecular interactions to macroeconomics. The path to predictable success starts with planning and understanding; more effort is exerted in the early phases so that later phases benefit. In competitive and regulated industries, transferring knowledge and technology is central for innovation, growth and profitability. Such industries must adopt methodologies to ensure proper, complete and reproducible knowledge transfer. An investment in these formalized procedures is sometimes necessitated by law and economic survival. By spending more time and effort on knowledge transfer, companies are more likely to have efficient, first-time successes that can serve as a foundation for future successes. Click to see a popcorn example on IKT™.

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  • Understand your natural talents and weaknesses as well as those of others around you. Focus on cultivating your areas of talent instead of trying to improve weaknesses. However, manage key weaknesses so they do not interfere or take away from your talent.

  • If you want to improve your productivity, work on effectiveness first, then move to efficiency. Otherwise, you’ll be efficient at doing the wrong things.

  • When creating or using a new system, keep it simple in the beginning. Avoid data overload and develop/use only the required basic features. This approach will get you and your team up and running faster, while minimizing confusion and scope creep.

  • Never compromise on data integrity. Like trust, once it has been lost, it's extremely hard to get back.

  • "Stop. Analyze. Think. Plan. Do. Repeat." Following these steps to make your "doing" efficient and effective.

  • Only implement full-automation when the steps are fully defined and operational using manual methods. Otherwise, take conservative risk planning measures.

  • Perfecting the last 1 to 10% of an individual task may take a disproportionate amount of time and resources and usually does not provide a positive overall return. Instead of perfection, strive towards a state of overall robustness where multiple strategies help ensure the desired outcome.

  • Until you can verify otherwise, never assume work that was done before you meets your standards.

  • When given an opportunity to take blame, do so. Such action shows humility and responsibility - or, in other words, good leadership. It will promptly bring focus to creating a plan to get back on track and to avoid future incidents.

  • In order to evaluate the effectiveness of an implemented system, meaningful and frequent measurements must be taken, trended and compared against goals or limits (e.g., tracking body composition on a diet and exercise program). Such action is critical for any quality system.

  • Package communication for the receiver's benefit. Keep in mind that individuals have different key motivators; such motivations may be based on personality traits or Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, among other factors.

  • Setting higher expectations and standards at the onset of a task tools resources for the duration, thus accelerating overall completion. Conversely, raising the bar at each step requires resources to frequently retool, adding time, cost and feelings of frustration.

  • Until governing first principles are well-known and understood, remain skeptical of (apparent) cause-effect relationships.

  • When transferring knowledge, try to take the route of "least variables."

  • Always be critical of important data, especially when it is presented pictorially.


Kymanox desires to be a key innovator and provider of effective and efficient knowledge transfer products and services - especially to businesses and individuals in regulated, technology-intensive industries.


Kymanox facilitates systematic transfer of know-how, expertise and technology on a project-by-project basis, enabling companies and individuals to experience predictable and efficient progress.


"Ideal Knowledge Transfer™ Yields Predictable Success"


Get projects DONE.

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