Develop, scale-up, and commercialize your innovations with a complete team. Our engineers, scientists, regulatory professionals, analysts, and partners provide in-depth nanotechnology expertise with turnkey project delivery. From lab to market – and every step in between – our proven methodologies help innovate, optimize, and deliver. We are leaders in technology transfer and scale-up, manufacturing troubleshooting, software and computer systems, compliance management, documentation, and professional project management. Our clients range from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Scale your product, improve your quality, and increase your margins.

Utilize our experts and the Kymanox Preferred Partner Network (KPPN) to get your nano projects done.


Kymanox’s strategy focuses on providing services and products for implementing nanotechnology solutions based on the trio of expert abilities in-house: business, technical and entrepreneurial. Considering the inter-disciplinary nature of nanotechnology, we have the advantage of a large and diverse pool of subject matter experts that ensures that every project is covered, no matter what field of science or technology is involved. We strive to stay abreast of technical advances as well as regulatory and government policies in order to provide the most viable solutions for commercialization. Our staff has academic and industrial background in Nanoscience and Fab design.

Check out the article we prepared for the Summer 2012 Nano Manufacturing Conference - Enabling the Commercial Renaissance of Small Technology through Manufacturing Development and Engineering

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