Kymanox is dedicated to providing its clients with best-in-class products.

Kymanox produces the following products for use by our clients and anyone in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical or Medical Device communities:

KymaPRO™ is a project website software developed from the ground up to support large biotech, pharma, or medical device projects.

CMOLocator™ is a biopharma CMO search engine which helps drug development companies easily find the right CMO for their needs.

KymaSTORE™ Templates features packages for checklists, logs, standard operating procedures, and important protocols.

KymaSTORE™ Procedures have Standard Operating Procedure packages make use of our extensive knowledge of best practices and solutions.

KymaSTORE™ Training Presentations are designed to provide both turnkey and collaborative solutions to your training needs.

GMPPENS™ are cGMP Compliant Indelible Ink Pens that meet FDA, EMA, & ICH regulations. GMPPENS ensure data integrity and prevent costly recording deviations.

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