Staffing Solutions from Kymanox takes a different approach from traditional staffing.
BETTER - a trained and equipped mind, not just a body.
FASTER - empowered and networked employees, not isolated contractors.
CHEAPER - trading experience for talent, but with ample senior oversight.

Basic Screening

Kymanox will perform all required drug testing, background criminal checks, debarment list check, and credit check. Our promise is no surprises and full-compliance.

360-Degree Resource View

From biography to resume to CV, and from personality assessments to skills assessments, Kymanox paints a resource from multiple angles to aid in selection and overall fit.

Mini-Boot Camp Training

Kymanox conducts internal training including cGMPs, cGDPs, documentation, communication standards, cultural awareness, and more. We make sure clients get a "Kymanox" person and not just a recruit.

Equipped to Work

Eligible employees are equipped with an iPhone, an iPad, a ThinkPad laptop, the latest software, Cloud services, as well as networked and back-office support from Kymanox SMEs. We deliver productivity on Day 1.

Guaranteed. No risk to try

Performance and satisfaction is guaranteed. There is no risk to try a Kymanox resource for a 2-week trial period.

1 Job, 1 Resume

We present to you only the best overall candidate. No resume dumping on clients. No wasting clients' valuable time. Kymanox does the work to find the best possible fit.

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