With our expertise in technical project management, Kymanox will help your organization “Get projects [DONE]” and work with you to create and achieve sustainability goals with favorable financial returns.

Our Mission

We deliver customized solutions that drive robust improvements in our environment and in our communities. We focus on longterm strategies that use collaboration and expert-driven teams.

Our Solutions Are...

  • Results-oriented
  • Cost effective
  • Collaborative
  • Customized
  • Innovative

Kymanox Projects

  • Customized for Each Client
  • Deliver Financial Returns
  • Emphasize System Integration
  • Focus on Environmental Solutions
  • Results and Execution Driven
  • Utilize Current and Proven Technologies

Bryan Tillman, MS, MBA, Senior Project Manager for Sustainability, leads projects at Kymanox.

Project Examples

  • Electric vehicle expansion and infrastructure project
  • Energy conservation campaign
  • Community curbside composting program
  • Sustainability forums and educational events
  • Transit tracking and commuting incentives
  • Recycling events and promotions
  • Educational workshops
  • Rebate and grant procurement
  • Alternative fuel policy implementation


Key Kymanox Differentiators

Flexible Staffing Solutions: Depending on the specific project, our clients may hire one member of our team for just one day a week or several members on a full-time basis. Our “shared services” model helps advance projects of any size or type in a cost-effective way.

Multidisciplinary Team: The Kymanox “team approach” gives our clients access to the best experts. We customize solutions based on predetermined success criteria and build teams by matching each need with a particular skill or skill set. Our assigned project managers ensure that our subject matter experts advise when needed.

Transparent Project Management Focused on Delivery: Kymanox translates the needs of all stakeholders into distinct requirements, and then outlines a detailed roadmap for successful project implementation. Our solutions prioritize an organization’s goals and objectives while providing clear financial returns. We always share our information.

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