Equipment Validation Case StudyProcess Validation Case Study

At Kymanox, we know that validation is one of the most important steps in your project pipeline to ensure the functionality and quality of your product. However, validation is a major undertaking requiring a significant investment of time and money. Kymanox focuses on the building blocks of the validation process; providing documented evidence, a high degree of assurance, and specific process which will produce a product that consistently meets pre-determined specifications and quality attributes. This results in a high quality product that lowers your business risk, each and every time. The Kymanox team has extensive experience in:

  • Process Validation:

    • Writing and submitting Validation Master Plans (VMPs)
    • Cleaning Validation
    • Manufacturing Process Validation
  • Equipment Verification and Automation

    • Instillation Qualification (IQ)
    • Operational Qualification (OQ)
    • Process Qualification (PQ)
  • Computer System Validation

As a full service engineering outfit, Kymanox prides itself on its ability to provide cradle-to-grave services to our clients. We provide services and support at all stages: conceptual design, preliminary design, detailed design, construction, commissioning, startup, and routine support and maintenance. At Kymanox, we get projects DONE.

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