We are a Modern Life Sciences Consulting Company that Acts as an Extension of Your Team

Our goal is to accelerate development and delivery of your modern medicines

Kymanox is your life science solutions partner with a diverse team of experts who know how to connect the dots and make sure you have the right end-to-end solutions for your modern medicine development & commercialization challenges.

We are experts in providing our clients in the combination products, biologics, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries with support from early development to post-market. We help bring products from bench to patient.

Our How

Leveraging our corporate DNA of Ideal Knowledge Transfer™ (IKT™), our talented team partners with global clients to facilitate development and delivery of products with optimized safety, quality, efficacy, accessibility, and efficiency.


Our Why

Kymanox is the premiere one-stop solutions provider supporting commercialization of vital medicines and treatments for people to live better, love longer, and Get More [DONE].

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Our Beginnings

Kymanox was founded in 2004 in Highland Park, Illinois, USA. After serving in the life science industry for many years, Founder Stephen M. Perry was inspired to put his knowledge and resources into building a different kind of company. Understanding that manufacturers need technical assistance, Kymanox was designed as a partner for drug, biologic, combination product, and medical device makers to bring their products from bench to patient better, faster, and more affordably.

Growing at Kymanox

In 2008, Kymanox Headquarters was relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet growing demand in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area. Kymanox retained the Illinois location and has since added offices in Boston, Massachusetts; New Jersey; and Texas. In 2020, Kymanox opened the first location outside of the US by establishing Luxembourg as European Headquarters. Today, Kymanox staff reside across the world and serve clients both in person and remotely.

In addition to our full time staff, Kymanox has attracted a well-credentialed contractor network that allows us to help clients more effectively. From niche expertise to young engineering talent, we have the ability to rapidly respond and scale as needed to meet your challenge. We help clients globally to accelerate development and delivery of modern medicines.

In 2021, Kymanox acquired Neuma LLC, an engineering services provider focused on the development of robust, verifiable, reliable, and manufacturable drug delivery devices.

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Our Philosophy

Throughout the growth of the company, Ideal Knowledge Transfer™ (IKT) has remained the focus. Knowledge transfer is akin to teaching and learning with a predetermined end-goal in mind. When know-how, expertise or technology moves from one place or person to another, knowledge transfer is taking place. Our teams are fixated on this process and utilize it in each of our projects, guaranteeing you best-in-class service.

Meaning Behind the Name

The company name, Kymanox (pronounced ki’-mah-noks’), is derived from the words kyma and gnosi. In Greek, kyma means “wave” and gnosi means “knowledge.” Waves, visible and invisible, are ubiquitous in our environment at both large and small scales. Waves transport energy and matter with unmatched efficiency. Therefore, waves symbolically represent ideal transfer. The name Kymanox means “ideal knowledge transfer.” The company logo is an artistic rendering of a wave within a humanesque sphere.



Ideal Knowledge Transfer™

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