Kymanox in the Community

Our WHY...because patients deserve better. To help fulfill this promise, we support an important program which we call Kymanox® CARES. In order to live the best versions of our lives, and to do so in harmony we need to:

  • Be good custodians of our planet Earth,
  • Take care of our communities,
  • Ensure people feel a strong sense of belonging,
  • Celebrate different backgrounds,
  • Appreciate different cultures,
  • Provide opportunities for people and be part of something extraordinary that changes our world for the better, one action at a time!

  • The act of CARING is engrained in human nature, but we can’t take it for granted. CARING must be nourished, fostered, and developed. A world without CARING is inhospitable. It is imperative that Kymanox CARES moves the needle with intentionality – and most importantly – with ACTION.

    In keeping with our corporate values, Kymanox takes our responsibility to give back to the community very seriously. It is an important part of our culture. Our passion for this program is a driving force behind our efforts to have an impact in the communities we serve.

    Learn more about our Kymnaox CARES mission