NEUMA designed, procured components, and assembled a fixture which is capable of dynamically adjusting a back pressure while a drug delivery device delivers fluid onto a precision lab balance.


NEUMA needed to design the mechanical layout, including the pressure vessel, electronics, pneumatics, and graphical user interface. NEUMA then had to spec out and procure a precision balance which met the customer’s requirements.


NEUMA procured various mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic off-the-shelf components as well as custom machined components. NEUMA wrote a Windows-compatible application which the user could modify on the fly and capture data in real time.


NEUMA designed a functional fixture which measured mass-delivery data in real time and was displayed graphically during testing. Data was output directly to an Excel file. Back-pressure parameters could be manually set by the user by means of a simple interface, or could be dynamically altered by software as more mass was delivered. Safety features were built-in so that the pressure vessel could not be over-pressurized or opened while pressurized. The pressure vessel was easily disassembled for fluid removal and a replaceable septum could be changed out after multiple needle pierces.