The Kymanox® device design and innovation team designed and assembled a device which serves as a human factors evaluation unit, a firmware development platform, and a diagnostic tool.


Kymanox needed to design the mechanical layout, circuit board assembly, and write firmware.


Kymanox designed the mechanical layout to have small form factor and house the PCBA and battery, designed a PCBA to enable board functionality including Bluetooth communication, modulation of LEDs and piezo, haptic chipset, and accelerometer, and wrote firmware for the device and an Android application which provides GUI and gave the user the ability to make a change across a range of parameters.


Kymanox designed a fully-functional device which could communicate via Bluetooth, which could be adjusted by the user to display different LED intensities and colors, play different tones, provide haptic feedback, provide feedback in space via accelerometer, utilize firmware which could serve as a test platform for new functionalities for other devices, and utilize an Android app which can be modified to the user’s liking.