NEUMA designed and assembled a piece of equipment used to monitor the movement of a component within a customer’s device using a laser measurement system coupled with a data acquisition system. At the same time, the equipment was also probing the device’s internal PCBA sensing the component’s movement. This data was compared in real time to the laser measurement system. This enabled fine tuning and real time testing of the device’s firmware.


To meet the client’s goals, NEUMA needed to develop a software-driven custom fixture capable of optically measuring Y-axis linear motion to a resolution of 0.01mm and capturing magnetically sensed position data from a digital 3 axis hall effect sensor.


Using a microcontroller, NEUMA developed real-time software to micro-step a brushed DC motor/gearbox and concurrently read/integrate sensor data from multiple sources, presenting a time-synchronized data set to a host PC for analysis and characterization.


NEUMA developed a fully-integrated piece of equipment capable of meeting the customer’s requirements. This equipment was used for characterization testing which fed back into device firmware development.