Are you thinking of designing, planning, installing, modifying, or validating a cleanroom? Kymanox can help you with that! We are experts in cleanroom engineering and can assist you with your cleanroom no matter if you are in the design phase, needing construction support, or validation. Our reputation has been built on quality work, prompt reporting, and engineering excellence.

We work closely with clients to ensure their cleanroom needs are met when in cleanroom design phase, whether it be, for example:

  1. Room size requirements for your production or equipment needs.
  2. HVAC capacity to accommodate necessary airflow.
  3. Ensuring sufficient electrical amperage to operate air handlers and other equipment.
  4. Efficient design and process flow to ensure sufficient microbiological control and ease of use.
  5. Complete validation lifecycle support.

In addition to cleanroom support, we can also help you weigh your options on which Laminar Flow Hood (LFH) or Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) to purchase, tailored to your application. We are experienced in user and functional requirements, procurement, validation, monitoring, and use of:

  1. Horizontal and Vertical LFH’s.
  2. Class I, II (A1, A2, B1, B2), and III BSC’s.
  3. LFH and BSC validation for laboratory, clinical, and commercial manufacturing in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, nanotechnology, and university industries.