Injection Devices: Designing Simplicity, Safety & Adherence Into One Delivery System

The September 2021 issue of Drug Development & Delivery takes a deep dive into injectables that are either currently in development or recently introduced to the market. This year’s report features our VP of Technical Solutions, Michael Denzer, as he highlights Kymanox’s ability to provide end-to-end solutions to accelerate device development and delivery.

Kymanox: Accelerating Device Development & Delivery

While Kymanox is not a device manufacturer, the company provides drug and device manufacturers with end-to-end solutions to accelerate de­vice development and delivery. “Right First Time” is how Kymanox ap­proaches product and process devel­opment and engineering, says Michael Denzer, Vice President of Technical Solutions, Kymanox. “Our integrated solutions, which include project management, quality assur­ance, regulatory affairs, clinical and medical affairs, and digital transfor­mation, support and drive our clients’ device development projects to deliver products to patients with optimized safety, quality, efficacy, and accessibil­ity.”

Kymanox has worked on a variety of handheld and wearable injection devices including single-use and multi-use cartridge-based devices. The therapeutic applications include critical care and emergency use as well as chronic disease management. The targeted users range from adoles­cents to seniors and include patients who have to prepare the treatment themselves.

“For sensitive biologics, patients must reconstitute the drug and, at times, adjust the injectable volume for their body weight,” says Mr. Denzer. “These activities add confusion and anxiety to the patient. At Kymanox, we strive to simplify this process as much as possible.”