Kymanox CEO and Founder, Stephen M. Perry was interviewed as part of the Investment Reports article, The New Era of Life Sciences 2023, published on 17MAR23,

What were the circumstances that brought Kymanox to life and what does your present footprint look like?

Kymanox was founded in 2004 and proposed a new idea at the time – having everything needed for a modern medicine program all under one roof. Most professional service companies hold expertise exclusively in one phase or sector, whereas we have the knowledge to guide innovators through development, regulatory approval, and post-market activities across all of biopharma, medical devices, and any combination thereof. We were motivated by the belief that the industry required an inside partner to drive commercialization success. Fortunately, the outsourcing trend for life science coincided, launching us into a decade of incredible project work, including bringing multiple first-in-class products through FDA and EMA approval.

Since the middle of 2017, we have been in hypergrowth, which Harvard defines as year-over-year growth of 45% or greater. We now have 300 employees, operate throughout the US, and service companies around the globe. Some of our people are now stationed in Europe, and we are expanding geographically as we scale our platform.

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