Kymanox Executive Advisors (KEAs) Mathias Romacker, Fran DeGrazio, and Paul Jansen sit down with Guy Furness to discuss what has driven Kymanox’s rapid rise in the drug delivery space and what makes the consulting company’s model so successful, as well as to share their expertise on a variety of topics in an illuminating discussion including connectivity, how large and small drug developers engage with consultancies, 5mL autoinjectors, and the interface between drug primary packaging and delivery devices.

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A key part of Kymanox’s model is the employment of the Kymanox Executive Advisors (KEAs) – a group of prestigious, seasoned and well-respected industry professionals with a wealth of diverse experience from across the pharmaceutical industry. Together, the KEAs have over a century of experience in building businesses, enhancing capabilities and bringing products from inception through commercialisation in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. With their collective knowledge and expertise, the KEAs are able to provide guidance and strategic thinking, foster valuable relationships and identify additional resources to help your project be successful, particularly in the areas of combination products, connected devices and pharmaceutical manufacturing.