Mastering Scale: Solutions For Overcoming Scalability Challenges In Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing

New article on Life Science Leader. Jason Martin, Senior Director, CGxP Technical Services,  explores how companies in the cell and gene therapy sector are addressing the hurdles of scalability and focusing on innovative manufacturing processes, regulatory strategies, and advancements in technology.

Cell and gene therapies have ushered in a revolutionary era in disease treatment, offering potential cures for conditions previously deemed untreatable, such as sickle cell disease and hemophilia. As the demand for these therapies grows, companies face significant challenges in scaling up production to meet commercial needs.

Through advanced manufacturing technologies, regulatory engagement, collaboration, and investment in R&D, companies are making considerable progress in overcoming these hurdles. This journey promises not only a new era of treatment for patients worldwide but also valuable insights for other areas of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facing similar challenges.

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About the Author:

Serving as the Senior Director, CGxP Technical Operations for Kymanox, Jason brings over 25 years of experience in both the technical and business sides of the biotech industry. Jason has held senior leadership roles in organizations from start-up to global pharmaceutical companies. Jason provides expertise for large-scale organizational change, process improvement, and project management oversight to a diverse set of disciplines. Jason has a wide breadth of industry experience including ophthalmic, cell and gene therapy, and vaccine production to name a few.

Prior to joining Kymanox, Jason worked as the Site Head at Pace Life Sciences. He earned his MBA from the New York Institute of Technology and his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Saint Joseph’s College.

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