“As women, our ability to pivot and persevere when our lives become disrupted has become a leadership advantage!”  ~Jennifer Johns



“Less than 2% of venture capital goes to women. We need to have more women at the table to shift the perspective.” ~Ashley Kalinauskas

“Even though women are in the minority, when it comes to absolute essential leadership qualities, we have an advantage!” ~Rebecca Beattie

“Family first is a new, refreshing perspective across the board I see being embraced by leaders in the industry.” ~Sarah Perry

“The recent crisis has leveled the playing field as far as events. We are no longer excluded from the conversations in the cigar lounge. Zoom allows us to be heard equally.” ~Ashley Kalinauskas

“My advice for young women is that you have to be comfortable with being really good at failing in order to grow. As a young woman, it’s easy in this space to feel intimidated. The best leaders know what they know and really are transparent about what they don’t know.” ~Rebecca Beattie



Jennifer Johns
Head of Drug Product Strategic Innovation at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jennifer Johns is an engineer-turned-product design strategist who is passionate about how to elevate the patient experience.  She focuses on innovative patient-centric product design through integration of business insights, patient and customer needs, & product technology.




Rebecca Beattie
Acting Chief Executive Officer at LaunchBio Inc.

Rebecca Beattie works with high potential organizations to conceptualize and execute growth strategies.  Since joining LaunchBio in 2017 she has created the popular Explore Labs STEM education program for high school students and directed LaunchBio’s move online as Director of National Programs.



Ashley Kalinauskas
Founder/CEO at Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Kalinauskas’ company, based on her graduate thesis project at the University of Notre Dame, has developed an affordable veterinary cancer treatment using personalized immunotherapy.   She was recently named to the 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 – Science.



Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry
President, Owner & Operator at Kymanox


Sarah Perry is inspired by knowing that the work her team at Kymanox does is helping someone’s parent, child, sibling, or friend to live longer and more fully.  Her passion is leading a positive, encouraging, and accepting workplace dedicated to enhancing patient lives through life-saving and life changing modern medicine.


About Kymanox

Kymanox is a premier one-stop solutions provider supporting development and commercialization of vital medicines and treatments for people to live better, love longer, and GET MORE DONE. Leveraging a corporate DNA of Ideal Knowledge Transfer™, the Kymanox team partners with global clients to facilitate development and delivery of products with optimized safety, quality, efficacy, accessibility, and efficiency. As a true life science solutions partner, the company operates in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Combination Product industries. Kymanox offers a broad range of professional services with turnkey project delivery, serving clients globally from the corporate headquarters in Durham (RTP), North Carolina, with branch offices across the US including Boston, Chicago, Texas, and New Jersey, and in Luxembourg.