Challenges Of Concentrating And Ultra-High Concentrating Protein Therapeutics To Improve The Patient Experience And Reduce Manufacturing Cost

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New article on Cell and Gene. Anthony Stewart, Process Engineer,  discusses how manufacturers can unlock the benefits of high concentration protein therapeutic by investing in formulation development and novel approaches, ultimately improving the patient experience and reducing manufacturing costs.

While there are still numerous challenges to achieving a stable, high quality drug product at high or ultra-high concentrations, investing in formulation development and optimization or in novel formulation approaches, such as non-aqueous protein powder solutions, to increase a therapeutic protein concentration presents an exciting opportunity for companies to improve both the patient and physician overall drug administration experience as well as provide a competitive advantage for a product in the market.

In this article we expand on the many benefits and challenges of developing high and ultra-high protein concentration products as well as explore some methodologies to successfully develop these types of products.

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