Design and Innovation Services

Our one-stop design and innovation office with critical expertise in the design and development of novel devices is here to help move your project forward. Be it a simple prefilled syringe, a connected wearable injector, or a custom test equipment, our team will help implement your vision and ensure your project success.

Our team of experts progresses complex mechanical and electro-mechanical devices using the right level of design maturity at the right time. Be it an early feasibility breadboard to confirm design directions, a 3d printed system prototype for human factors assessment, a customer novel device test equipment, or a full production equivalent system prototype for design verification, we can help your project at any design phases and progress your projects towards the finish line.

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Assembly
  • Design for Sterilization
  • Design for Testing
  • Design for Production Principles

    Utilizing our proven Design for Production principles we can transform unique ideas and novel technologies into medical solutions.

    Mechanical Engineering

    Employing Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) principles to optimize production processes.

    Device Design & Development

    Crafting user-centric devices that incorporate sustainable solutions and integrate digital health technologies, prioritizing functionality and user experience.

    Container Design & Development

    From custom primary containers to secondary packaging design & testing and full finish integration, we design packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Kymanox works with its customers and industry partners to quickly and efficiently develop custom drug container systems to allow for early feasibility evaluation (e.g. preliminary drug stability evaluations, E&L, Container Closure Integrity) and ultimately progress to market quickly and successfully.

    Electrical & Software Design & Development

    Our team provides solutions for custom electronics design and development. From breadboard electrical assessment to production level electronics ready for commercial solutions, our team provides designs and solutions at maturity levels dictated by the needs of your project. Custom software solutions are developed along the electronics to unlock/enable the full functionality of our designs. We also offer device design options for support digital health implementations. We comply with the highest safety standards and offer test reports for regulatory submissions.

    Sterilization Engineering

    We use our experiences of common sterilization methods coupled with an analytical approach to develop robust sterilization processes. Whether the product and process are at conceptualization, engineering development, validation, or established in the market, we can develop and implement solutions to improve quality, efficacy, and/or cost.

    Integrated Approach

    Our team works cross functionally to be able to provide additional support as needed weather that support is sterilization engineering, quality engineering, regulatory guidance, or project management. We follow the Ideal Knowledge Transfer principles to provide comprehensive solutions.

    Voice of the Customer

    "The Kymanox team is trustworthy, reliable, and competent."
    "They quickly pivoted to my requests and adapted to my style."