Thorough Due Diligence for Life Science Companies

We can be a partner for all aspects of your business

When pursuing high-stakes business transactions like investments, acquisitions or mergers in the life sciences industry, having comprehensive due diligence is critical. Our team provides life science companies with exhaustive due diligence services to rigorously investigate and audit all aspects of the target business. From financial performance to product pipelines, customer bases to intellectual property - we leave no stone unturned.

Due Diligence Capabilities

Have confidence when preparing to enter into a potential legal agreement in the life sciences industry with subject matter experts who can help thoroughly assess the situation.

Strategic Perspective

Kymanox® offers a synthesis of strategic insight, experience, and a fact-based approach combined with our exposure to clients across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and device landscapes.
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Deep Industry Experience

Kymanox does life sciences. Period. And that means you get well-rounded industry experts who will help you accurately understand the situation.
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Good, Old-Fashioned Honesty

If you’re looking for a real honest analysis and recommendation and are willing to hear news that may contradict your intentions, Kymanox is excited to partner with you on your project.
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Right Size Advantage

Kymanox is a fast-growing company devoted to the life sciences industry. Our process is designed to provide cross-functional collaboration between our industry experts. We are your consultative partners, delivering personalized service with the seamless capabilities of a larger enterprise. We are right-sized to optimally meet client needs and offer a tailored experience at every stage of the engagement.
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The Kymanox Due Diligence Difference

Our clients tell us traditional integrators simply do not fully understand the complexities of working in a highly regulated environment. The Kymanox team lives in regulatory environments every day so you’ll get practical solutions.
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Proven Broad Expertise

Our team of experts is focused on life sciences with extensive experience across drug and device development.
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Flexibility & Agility 

We make it easy for clients to get the solutions they need, when they need it. Our flexibility contributes to our client growth.
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Relationship Focus

Our partnership approach is to seamlessly integrate within your team.