Project Management Capabilities

At Kymanox®, the Project Management Office’s (PMO) mission is to drive projects to the highest level of performance by connecting people to people and people to processes.

Overall Project Support

We provide you with one point of contact, consistent support, and tailored project reporting. We promote project success by efficiently connecting teams and tools.
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Project Monitoring and Execution

We lead, plan, manage, organize, monitor, and control projects to align with your goals. You can rest easy knowing deliverables will be complete in-line with your expectations.
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Team Communications

We ensure cross-functional internal and external communication on schedule, scope, and budget from project kick-off to project closure. Plus, we customize communications according to your preferences.
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Risk Management

We proactively escalate risks, provide risk mitigation strategies, and highlight opportunities to improve overall project performance. You can rest easy knowing there’s no surprise waiting for you.
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Kymanox Program & Project Management Resources

Essential Deliverables for Project Management Success

Each of the five phases of a project should have clear goals and deliverables in order to achieve success.  The approach we use at Kymanox has been honed over thousands of projects and hundreds of clients.  This infographic provides a snapshot of that approach but feel free to contact us for more info about any step in this process.

The Kymanox Project Management Difference

Across hundreds of clients and thousands of projects, our clients have experienced higher productivity through our project management offerings
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Tool Integration

The Kymanox Project Management Toolkit allows us to expedite project planning and enables you to see project status in real time by utilizing our project management document and dashboarding templates.
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Timely Documentation

During project initiation, we will define a communication strategy that aligns with your project schedule. This communication plan covers meeting agendas, minutes, and overall deliverable review and approval.
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Personalized Communication

At Kymanox we firmly believe effective communication leads to project success. While we have our proven best practices, we customize our communications to meet the needs of each client.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we engage with Kymanox to serve as a program / project manager in a staffing solutions capacity?
Yes!  Our project managers are adept at managing Kymanox and client resources to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.  Many of our project managers work in a staffing solutions capacity and understand the importance of aligning with your culture and working within your project management systems.  Additionally, if you are in need of project management systems, we are happy to help you implement the right size solution for your organization.  You can learn more about our Staffing Solutions offer here>>
Do I need a project manager?
Based on a proven track record across thousands of projects, Kymanox Project Management is an offering we strongly encourage! Our PMO tracks your project and escalates issues internally and externally to ensure we pivot quickly to meet your needs. Whenever possible, we align your project needs with the backgrounds of our project managers to ensure we can also provide additional technical project support. Our project managers understand the need to build effective teams that align with your company culture, the importance of adhering to your communication preferences, and provide objective guidance based on project management best practices.
How will your project managers support us when we engage with Kymanox on a project?
  1. Upon approval of a Statement of Work (SOW), Kymanox project managers work closely with your account representative to understand your needs and will be your dedicated point of contact from project start to finish for all project needs.
  2. An internal kick-off is held with all assigned resources to ensure the Kymanox team has a clear understanding of the project prior to a kick-off with your organization.
  3. Your project manager will schedule a client kick-off (approximately 1 week after SOW approval or sooner, if needed). During this discussion, the project charter, roster and communication plan will be reviewed to ensure Kymanox and client alignment.
  4. Throughout the project, your project manager will work with both Kymanox and client resources to ensure actions are completed per the agreed upon timelines and the budget is on track. We will provide schedule and budget data via a tailored project dashboard to all project sponsors and stakeholders.
  5. Management oversight: Periodic project review meetings are scheduled internally at Kymanox with the Executive Leadership Team and the Account Management Team to ensure our team is meeting your needs.
I have a pretty big project. Can Kymanox handle it?
Kymanox has extensive experience on multi-million dollar projects at some of the largest pharmaceutical, biologics, and medical device companies in the world.  Our processes were built with the ability to scale to meet the needs of a virtual biotech startup, the largest of big pharma, and everything in between.  One key to our success is Program & Project Management team our secret weapon in making sure we stay on track with our agreed upon scope and keeping clients informed so they can rest easy knowing there will be no surprises.  Our approach is flexible, so you’ll get just the right amount of project management for your cell and gene therapy needs. 
At what phase of the development process should I engage Kymanox and why?
Kymanox is ready and able to support you at any point during the development process, however, earlier is better! Changes to product design become exponentially more expensive and challenging as development progressesKymanox can provide expert review of your proposed development and regulatory strategy and make sure your project is set up for success. Whether your product is in early concept feasibility, preparing for a clinical trial, gearing up for commercialization, or anywhere between, Kymanox can provide scalable and phase-appropriate support solutions.