Automation and Equipment

Kymanox ensures your manufacturing process is precise, high-quality, and efficient.

We provide strategic automation solutions that can be customized across all stages of the process. From planning and implementation to optimization and maintenance, we offer tailored approaches to meet your unique goals. Whether simple or highly complex requirements, our standardized methodology guarantees that automated systems comply with regulatory standards, such as SQuIPP (Safety, Quality, Identity, Potency, and Purity). Automation will support your production needs, enabling efficient manufacturing of fully compliant products.

Our services include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation
  • Engineering
  • Operational Support
  • Equipment Design and Specification
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices

    We understand the critical importance of safety in the life sciences manufacturing environment. Prioritizing safety can enhance your manufacturing operations and workflows through reduced downtowns and increase efficiency. We provide comprehensive solutions including CGMP compliance assessments, implementation of automated safety systems, personnel training programs, and continuous monitoring to optimize your manufacturing lifecycle.

    Current Good Manufacturing Practices

    Our automated quality control solutions are designed to streamline operations, accelerate time-to-market, and ensure unwavering product quality. Our comprehensive quality control automation solutions encompass advanced technologies, robust quality management systems, and continuous monitoring, enabling you to maintain the highest standards of quality while maximizing operational efficiency.

    Current Good Manufacturing Practices

    Through robust assessments, we identify and address risks across critical areas such as product safety, quality, identity, potency, and purity (SQuIPP), ensuring compliance with cGMP regulations and mitigating risks to patients and products.



    Risk Management