Strategic Staffing Solutions Capabilities

Our ready-now resources cover a broad range of scientific, engineering, software, and compliance disciplines supporting the entire life cycle of biopharmaceutical and combination product development and operations.

Empowered & Supported Roles

We empower contract resources by offering direct support from the entire Kymanox® organization, including access to our project tools and oversight from our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
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Flexible Contract Options

Kymanox Staffing Solutions delivers flexible contract options while leveraging the same expertise our customers have come to rely on with our traditional project-based engagements.
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Depth of Expertise

Kymanox has a proven history of providing contract services across a breadth of disciplines for the most innovative companies in life sciences throughout the world.
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Reliable Consistency

Contract staff are industry experts and accomplished practitioners from the life science industry that are held to the same high standards as Kymanox permanent staff.
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Meet our Staffing Solution Experts

Scott Arra

Markets That Benefit from Staffing Solutions

Combination Products

Our experts understand the interaction between devices and drug products. Our experience includes injectables, nasal, respiratory, and more.

Biologics & Cell and Gene Therapy Services

We understand why “the product is the process” and how to implement solutions to your unique challenges.


Drug development is constantly evolving with new regulations and technology. We stay up to date to maintain your compliance.

Medical Devices & Other

Our diverse experience across the life science industry, including medical device and vaccines, ensures your challenges are in expert hands.

The Kymanox Staffing Solution Difference

Our partners have experienced higher productivity through our project management office implementation
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Unmatched Experience in Life Sciences

Our team members are industry experts and practitioners that come exclusively from the Life Science industry. Recruitment is defined and driven by our experts, not by human resources.
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Flexibility & Agility

At Kymanox, we make it easy for clients to get the solutions they need, when they need it. Clients tell us our flexibility is one of the key reasons they keep coming back.
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Building Critical Core Competencies

Our teams often act as fully functional departments for clients who have decided to outsource those functions when it doesn’t make sense to carry those overhead costs internally.
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Frequently Asked Staffing Solution Questions

Why should I consider Kymanox as staff augmentation for my life science company?
Since 2004, our teams have been entrusted by our clients to lead the delivery of critical projects for the most recognized established and early-stage companies in pharmaceuticalsbiologics, and combination products worldwide. Our teams come directly from the client environments we serve and have deep technical expertise as well as an intimate understanding of the regulatory complexities required to commercialize modern medicines. Much of the work in life sciences is project-based, and consequently it is often more effective to employ flexible contract staff to fill short-term needs. 
What is different about working with Kymanox versus a traditional “staffing company”?
At Kymanox, we have subject matter experts (SMEs) who are practitioners that come from within the life science industry. Our contract staff are able to drive delivery of projects in biotech, pharmaceuticals, device, and combo products because they’ve been thereOur SMEs, not HR, assess competence in technical, compliance, engineering, software, scientific, and analytics to ensure consistent and high quality contract hiresKymanox contract staff members are subject to the same process applied to permanent delivery staff.  Each contract professional has access to the entire Kymanox portfolio of capabilities, including access to our project tools and oversight from our SMEs.   Our teams often act as fully functional departments for clients who have decided to outsource those functions when it doesn’t make sense to carry those overhead costs internally.  For example, early-stage customers will engage Kymanox to screen, hire, on-board, and qualify critical human infrastructure to rapidly build client competencies. At each stage on the process, client teams have the support of the entire Kymanox organization.  By comparison, traditional staffing firms do not recruit industry expertise in project delivery. They are reactive, not proactive, with little understanding of the practical solutions of modern medical manufacturing. They are HR centric and transactionally minded with little if any organizational competency or support. 
What areas of expertise does Kymanox staff for?
Kymanox has extensive staffing support expertise in life sciences. Example support areas include: Combination Product Commercialization; Scale Up & Technology Transfer; Quality Assurance, Auditing, and Compliance; Validation (CQV) - All Types; Quality Engineering; Regulatory Affairs; Human Factors; Clinical Affairs & Pharmacovigilance; Technical Program & Project Management; Packaging Technology & Engineering; Product & Process Development; MS&T and Supply Chain; Quality Control & Analytical Sciences; Process Engineering; SAP, Veeva, MasterControl, LIMS, and Trackwise.