Technology Transfer Capabilities

The Kymanox® approach is heavily based on following CGxP documentation best practices and has been honed over a decade of proven past performance.

Proven Tech Transfer Toolkit

Through our extensive experience we’ve built a comprehensive suite of SOPs and templates for navigating the tech transfer process.
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Experts With Broad Experience

We offer expertise on all stages of tech transfer including prerequisites, project initiation, information exchange, planning, execution, and verification.
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Synchronized Change Process

Kymanox treats tech transfer as a change process that is synchronized with the Quality Management System (QMS) and regulatory submissions.
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Right First Time Execution

Kymanox helps you avoid costly and often irreversible missteps. Together with you, Kymanox helps plan and execute Right First Time Technology Transfers.
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Kymanox Technology Transfer Resources

Webinar: THE ART OF TECH TRANSFER - Using Gap Analysis to Avoid Regulatory Pitfalls

In this 1-hour webinar you will:

  • Learn about the industry-proven approach Kymanox uses to help clients of all sizes successfully complete tech transfer projects on schedule and on budget
  • Discover the key role that gap and comparability assessments play in effective tech transfers
  • Explore regulatory impact related to tech transfer strategy in biopharma, combination products, and cell & gene therapies

Infographic: Six Stages of Technology Transfer - Considerations and Deliverables for Your Life Science Project

A guide across all stages of tech transfer including prerequisites, project initiation, information exchange, planning, execution, and verification. 

Checklist: Are you in the process of starting a new Tech Transfer project?

Kymanox has developed a checklist to ensure your project stays on track

Meet our Technology Transfer Experts

Nicole Bridgers

Markets That Benefit from Our Technology Transfer Solutions

Combination Products

Our experts understand the interaction between devices and drug products. Our experience includes injectables, nasal, respiratory, and more.

Biologics & Cell and Gene Therapy Services

We understand why “the product is the process” and how to implement solutions to your unique challenges.


Drug development is constantly evolving with new regulations and technology. We stay up to date to maintain your compliance.

Medical Devices & Other

Our diverse experience across the life science industry, including medical device and vaccines, ensures your challenges are in expert hands.

The Kymanox Technology Transfer Difference

We combine people, process, and systems to produce seamless tech transfers that deliver “Right First Time” solutions
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Product, Process, & Relationships Approach

Our approach to a successful tech transfer includes creating a good relationship between receiving and sending sites in addition to ensuring full product and process understanding.
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“Right First Time” Execution

Our branded methodology, Ideal Knowledge TransferTM, combines technical project management, fundamental engineering practices, quality and regulatory expertise, and business acumen
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Proven Broad Expertise

Our team of experts is focused on life sciences with extensive experience across drug and device development.  No matter your challenge, we can help you conquer it.
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Frequently Asked Technology Transfer Questions (FAQs)

When is the right time to start planning Analytical Method Transfer?
Analytical Method Transfer is one of the most critical, yet usually initially neglected, activities during tech transfers. Many companies underestimate the time method transfers can take. All the associated materials need to be identified, ordering of the materials, and planning of the transfer need to be assessed at the very beginning of the project. At Kymanox, we create and manage a very detailed tech transfer timeline by talking to all stakeholders, ensuring nothing is neglected that can push out the timeline.
What is technology transfer?
Every time your organization contemplates moving a product from one location (e.g. lab, manufacturing facility, country) to another, you enter the domain of technology transfer.     The technology transfer process is complex with multiple steps performed in a specific order, requiring a significant resource commitment from many different groups at both the transferring, and the receiving organizations, for activities often spanning many months. A successful technology transfer requires comprehensive planning, effective coordination and first-time-right execution, in order to meet often aggressive deadlines.