20 Years of Excellence in Life Sciences

New episode on The Factor.  Stephen & Sarah Perry created Kymanox, a Life Sciences organization, to improve the process of bringing modern medicine to patients. 

Let’s all take a trip to 2004 for a moment. Yahoo was the #1 website on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook. 14-year-old Taylor Swift signed on with Sony to pursue her career in country music. LinkedIn was just starting to gain traction in popularity.

And from Stephen and Sarah Perry’s perspectives, the Life Science industry was in desperate need of improvement. There was a lot of bureaucracy and red tape, and modern medicine that needed to be in patients’ hands were slowed down by extra expense and scheduling delays. So they did something about it, creating Kymanox.

Today, 20 years and 300+ employees later, Stephen and Sarah share their first memories of starting Kymanox, the challenges faced, and the pivotal moments that shaped its growth and success. We also hear from employees who have been involved in the company’s growth. They reflect on their experiences, the culture, and the impact of Kymanox on their professional development and personal growth.

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